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Vox company

MEBLE VOX limited liability company of the limited joint- stock company  - owner of the VOX brand - is a part of the VOX Capital Group. The company has been on the market since 1990 and is one of the top producers of furniture in Poland. The company began as a producer of children’s furniture. The company's subsequent development and evolution has resulted in it being the current leader in this sector, a position that has been possible due to the passion it has devoted to furniture design and pattern design.

The furniture designs are driven by the newest and latest trends in the international fashion and design industry along with the newest technology, combined with the company's relentless focus on detail. This diligence makes for a unique line of furniture production. VOX's quality has been appreciated and proven, given the numerous awards and certificates it has garnered in both Poland and abroad.

The newest VOX collections include DJ Metalik, Visage and Amarone. These are the latest additions to the more well-known collections: Kamasutra, Imperium, Modern, Romeo and Juliet, Romantic, Magellan and Pacific. VOX also offers many decorative patterns and designs.

VOX furniture is available in more than 100 showrooms in Poland and several dozen others across Europe. The furniture is currently exported into the European and US markets, totaling 36 export markets outside of Poland.

VOX works together with designers to create beautiful and functional furniture as well as decorative articles. The result of this fruitful cooperation is nothing more than the authoritative collection of decorative articles.

VOX is, additionally, a participant and sponsor of numerous cultural events as well as a patron of the arts, sponsoring and supporting many exhibitions and works. The Vox-Artis promotion of the Polish Modern Art Foundation, a part of VOX Capital Group, plays an important role in that patronage. For many years now, VOX has also cooperated with the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań and has strongly supported the development of Polish design. In 2005 the company sponsored the POLISH DESIGNERS exhibition in Milan that was presented as a part of the Fuori Salone event. The collection has also been exhibited in Berlin as a part of the Poznań Days events (Posen kommt Berlin).

Since 2006 VOX has published the quarterly magazine “Vox Design”, devoted to the latest design trends and true masterworks from the world’s finest salons. Interviews with renowned, budding designers and artists, inside accounts of important industry exhibitions and fairs, and columns devoted to new architectural achievements from all over the world are all included in the magazine's galleys. The magazine also highlights the history of the Polish design industry along with its newest trends and achievements.